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Actuator: 3"x3", 8-13 PSI, Ball Joint

MCP-10305108 Actuator: 3"x3", 8-13 PSI, Ball Joint

KMC Controls

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The KMC MCP-1030 and MCP-1130 Series 3" Pneumatic Damper Actuators are designed to position automatic air dampers in pneumatically controlled systems. The units may be used for gradual or two-position applications. Models are available with either post or right angle bracket mounting. Right angle models are shipped with crankarms for either 1/2" or 3/8" damper shafts. Either style is available with a factory mounted positive positioner. Actuators with positive positioners include an 8-13 psi internal spring and a 5 psi span spring. A 10 psi spring may be ordered separately.

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