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Actuator: Tri-State, Non-Failsafe, 24VAC, 50 in-lbs, 60 Deg/min

MEP-5071 Actuator: Tri-State, Non-Failsafe, 24VAC, 50 in-lbs, 60 Deg/min

KMC Controls

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The KMC MEP-5061/5071 3-wire ControlSet Actuators are designed to control small dampers such as air terminal unit dampers or VEP-40 series valves. The MEP-5061 is an 18°/minute actuator and the MEP-5071 is a 60°/minute actuator. The actuator mounts to a 1/2" or 3/8" diameter damper shaft, eliminating the need for expensive and complicated linkages. When mounting to a 3/8" diameter shaft, the HFO-0011 shaft adaptor is required and must be ordered separately. These bidirectional motors may be controlled via an SPDT floating thermostat or building automation system. A minimum of 50 in-lb of torque over the maximum angular rotation of 95° is provided. Both minimum and maximum end stops are standard to limit the rotation. A gear disengagement feature allows positioning of the damper and/or gear train without energizing the actuator. An optional feedback potentiometer and/or a single, double or triple auxiliary switch can be field added. (The MEP-5063/5065/5073 actuators are obsolete. See the MEP-5061/5071 instead.)