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Controller: Dual Duct VAV, KMDigital, 50 in-lbs, 60 deg/min

KMD-7052 Controller: Dual Duct VAV, KMDigital, 50 in-lbs, 60 deg/min

KMC Controls

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The KMD-7002/7052 controllers are direct digital controllers, integrated into an actuator, designed primarily for Dual Duct VAV terminal units. This controller will operate independently in a stand-alone mode or jointly in a peer-to-peer network sharing system data and/or programs. Standard dual duct VAV control sequences have been incorporated to provide pressure independent control of a dual duct VAV unit. Accessible control basic programming allows customizing of the standard sequences for temperature setback, overrides, and other user defined sequences. Each controller has an on board flow-through sensor for use with a single or multi-point differential pressure measuring station or Pitot tube. The sensor utilizes twin platinum-ceramic resistance temperature sensors for control accuracy to within 3% of setpoint. Applications The KMD-7002/7052 are designed to operate as the cold duct or master controller in conjunction with the TSP-6001, 6051 as the hot duct or slave controller. Typical applications include dual duct and tracking.

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