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Controller: VAV, KMDigital, 50 in-lbs, 60 deg/min

KMD-7051 Controller: VAV, KMDigital, 50 in-lbs, 60 deg/min

KMC Controls

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The KMD-7001 and 7051 are direct digital controllers, integrated into an actuator, designed primarily for VAV terminal units. This controller will operate independently in a stand-alone mode or jointly in a peer-to-peer network sharing system data and/or programs. Standard VAV control sequences have been incorporated to provide pressure independent control of a single duct VAV unit. Typical applications include cooling, heating, cooling w/heat change-over, cooling w/time proportional reheat or 3 stages of sequential reheat output. Accessible control basic programming allows customizing of the standard sequences for temperature setback, overrides, proportional wet reheat, dual duct and other user defined sequences. The controller includes an on board flow-through sensor for use with a single or multi-point differential pressure measuring station or Pitot tube. The sensor utilizes twin platinum-ceramic resistance temperature sensors for control accuracy to within 3% of setpoint. Applications The KMD-7001/7051 are designed to operate as VAV Terminal Units. The unit ships from the factory with programming sequences for three Single Duct VAV applications:

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