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Digital: MSTP Repeater, Isolated

KMD-5575 Digital: MSTP Repeater, Isolated

KMC Controls

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The KMD-5575 Network Repeater-Isolator extends and reconditions EIA-485 network communications as well as enabling "T" or branch networks.

The KMD-5575 is designed to recondition a degraded EIA-485 (formerly RS-485) communication signal on a KMC KMDigital or BACnet subnetwork. Two primary factors that cause communication signal degradation within the digital subnetwork are long subnetwork wiring lengths and the number of digital controllers connected to the subnetwork.

A KMD-5575 is required after every 31 consecutive controllers on KMDigital or BACnet subnetworks (e.g., between controllers 31 and 32) or if the cumulative wiring distance exceeds 4,000 feet. (For smoke control applications, the maximum total length of the EIA-485 network cable, including all repeaters, is 4,000 feet.)

In addition, the KMD-5575 is required for "T" or branch network wiring configurations.

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