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FlexStat: Zoning Equipment Controller, White

BAC-120063CW-ZEC FlexStat: Zoning Equipment Controller, White

KMC Controls

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This model of the award-winning FlexStat series provides an easy, flexible solution for controlling unitary equipment and up to 16 associated Variable Air Volume (VAV) zones. Controlled equipment types include packaged Roof Top Units (RTUs), Heat Pump Units (HPUs), commercial split systems, and other similar unitary equipment. It is a powerful but simple solution for either retrofitting older VVT-type systems or installing new light-commercial zoning systems.

Using the integral BACnet MS/TP network, the BAC-120063CW-ZEC works in conjunction with up to 16 SimplyVAV BAC-8001/8005/8205 controller-actuators for pressure-independent VAV control in their respective zones.
The BAC-120063CW-ZEC can also provide a 0-10 VDC static pressure setpoint signal to an optional CSP-4702 pressure controller used with the system for pressure bypass control.

With no software required, the BAC-120063CW-ZEC is quick and user-friendly to install and configure. Yet it also communicates with any Building Automation System using a BACnet network for monitoring and additional control options. (It comes preconfigured for a 2H/2C RTU and zone device number range of 1000001 through 1000016, and if this describes your equipment, the occupancy schedule is the only required configuration needed after mounting and wiring.)

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