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Sensor: Duct CO, LCD, Relays

SAE-1162 Sensor: Duct CO, LCD, Relays

KMC Controls

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These detectors are designed to sense and transmit CO (carbon monoxide) gas levels to any compatible electronic analog control or building automation system for the control of ventilation equipment in industrial and commercial applications. They are for use in any industrial or commercial indoor environment where accurate CO detection is required.

The detector uses an electrochemical sensor to monitor the carbon monoxide level and outputs a field-selectable 0â 5 VDC, 0â 10 VDC, or 4â 20 mA signal. The sensing range and output may be scaled to either 0â 100, 0â 150, 0â 300, 0â 400 or 0â 500 ppm via the on-board menu. A front panel LCD is standard to ensure easy setup and operation. Models are available for either surface or duct mounting.

Other standard features include a backlight for the LCD, a front panel test switch, status indication, and an alarm buzzer. The test function may also be controlled remotely with a digital input signal.

These models (with additional features) replace older SAE-1101/1102/1151/1152 detectors.

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