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Tstat: Low Limit, Manual Reset, SPDT, 20'

CTE-3007 Tstat: Low Limit, Manual Reset, SPDT, 20'

KMC Controls

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These low limit controllers are SPDT devices designed for use on HVAC equipment requiring low-temperature control and/or indication in duct work or on heating/cooling coils. On a decrease in sensed temperature, the unit will actuate at its setpoint. The CTE-3007 (manual-reset model) will reset when the reset button is pushed and the sensed temperature is at least 5° F (2.8° C) above the setpoint. The CTE-3006 (automatic-reset model) will automatically reset when sensed temperature rises 5° F above the setpoint. A test lever, located under the cover, allows the unit to be manually actuated to facilitate system checkout. For use in stratified airstreams, the unit will respond to the lowest temperature sensed along any one foot section of the sensing element. For DPDT controllers, see the CTE-3016/3017/3026/3027 controllers.

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