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Valve: 3/4" 3W NPT 11.0CV, Proportional, Failsafe, 24VAC/VDC

VEB-4603MBCL Valve: 3/4" 3W NPT 11.0CV, Proportional, Failsafe, 24VAC/VDC

KMC Controls

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VEB-46 (formerly VEP-43) series, 3-way, mixing or diverting, NPT control ball valves are designed for the control of hot or chilled water in HVAC applications. Valves range in size from 1/2 to 2-1/2 inches and most feature an optimizing insert, which reduces and characterizes the ball opening for lower Cv ratings similar to globe valves.

The body design also provides a standard "T" pattern to simplify installation. They include a field-repairable blowout-proof stem and leak-proof shut-off. The reduced torque seals and O-rings eliminate the need for high torque actuators and are designed to work with KMC's low-torque, MEP-4xxxV series actuators on all valve sizes.

Valve assemblies have brackets with a patent-pending, quick-mounting mechanism that creates a universal connection to VSI, Griswold, and other valve bodies. Complete valve assemblies are available with MEP-4002V/4252V/4552V actuators. Order other actuators and valve bodies separately.

See also the MEP-4000/4800 and MEP-4200/4500/4900 series for more information about the actuators. For equivalent two-way valves, see the VEB-43 series.

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